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by Eric Steinberg

Nineteen-seventy-one was an extremely significant year for German wine for two reasons. First, a new law governing the production and Read more…


Otto Beck’s Best Sites

by Lars Carlberg

Der Weinbau an der Mosel und Saar (Viticulture on the Mosel and Saar, 1869) by Otto Beck accompanied the Saar Read more…


The Mosel: Taking the Long View

by Joachim Krieger

Editor’s note: After 2012, Mosel Wine Merchant ceased to exist. Dan Melia, who had decided to leave the wine trade Read more…


First as Tragedy, then as Farce?: A Short Story about Natural Wine

by Kevin Goldberg

“Natural wine” continues to have a peculiar existence. While wine has historically been at the forefront of innovation in the Read more…