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  • September 15, 2014
  • Enderle & Moll’s Cellar

  • by Lars Carlberg

svens_casks_pressSven Enderle of Enderle & Moll checking the ex-Burgundy barrels (pièces) in the then-new cellar.

In 2010, Enderle & Moll moved from an old cellar in Münchweier, north of Freiburg, to a new modern one, because of a lack of space.

When I visited Baden in March 2014, the cellar was full, and the barrel samples tasted very good.

(See Bert Celce's blog post on Enderle & Moll for more details.)

Photograph courtesy of Florian Moll.

This photo first appeared on the blog of the former Mosel Wine Merchant, November 24, 2010.