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  • November 22, 2013
  • Tasting Trester at Peter Lauer

  • by Lars Carlberg

lauer_cellar_marcoIn the photograph, Marco Gruben, owner of Brunnenhof in Trier, is getting ready to taste, from barrel, some vintage marcs (Trester) in Peter Lauer’s old cellar in Ayl. I took this photo a few years back.

The blurry figure next to Marco is Florian Lauer, who has become well known for his vintage Sekt and cask-numbered Saar Riesling but also for his high-quality, barrel-aged marc.

The grape pomace is distilled in the old way by a friend of Florian's in Kanzem. Florian then ages the distilled marc in various small oak casks in his vaulted cellar, below the tasting room.

This is the space where the Lauer family once made their Saar wines in Fuder casks. The building has since expanded and the wooden Fuder casks (five in total), along with mostly fiberglass and stainless-steel tanks, are located in a newer section now. The original cellar is only for Trester.

For aging the marc, most of the casks are old, including a couple from Holzküferei Hösch in Nackenheim. On top of the casks, Florian lays a rose-colored cloth over the bunghole. A healthy mold covers the cellar door, walls, and ceiling, as well as some of the barrels, several of which are covered white.

Florian designates his high-quality marc as VXO (very extended old). This ages at least eight years in barrel. He also makes a Riesling brandy, in German called Rieslingbrand—which is distilled from Riesling wine, rather than the pomace—labeled VSOP (very superior old pale) and XO (extended old). These are aged a minimum of 4 and 6 years, respectively.

Now Marco just needs to give us his impressions of the marcs. ♦